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Took the dive after approximately 12 months of sitting on an un-launched profile. I was pushed by many things both and at work and in life. But mostly it was through a lot of encouragement from my awesome friends :) Despite the apprehension and critisizm I know I'll get I'm happy that I made the decision to -FINALLY- launch my Patreon page!!

Now to save up and buy one of the tablets I'm getting all googly eyed over *laugh*
That's really the idea for this in the end :3

I'm starting out pretty slow now considering I don't have the tools I really need. But I'm so happy people are already willing to support me T-T <3
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Seriously! Why do I never update this thing? :( I find myself drawing a lot but it's never really anything of a finished product. I'm pretty sure I would just throw it all into scraps and call it good. Ugh... I really need to get crackin'! I have a few problems though when it comes to "whoring myself out":
- I want good pictures of my cosplay but I'm kind of a cheapskate about paying for photo shoots
- I doodle a lot but never get much to a finished product since they're just doodles
- I'm not good using a laptop to color/draw things digitally and my desktop is currently buried from being moved about so much
- I get mega tired after work (excuses excuses?)

Blah blah blah. I suck. I know. I need to update about things. I need to blog, vlog, draw, sew, and be busy busy busy. But I've been in a slump. A terrible slump at that. Depression hit pretty hard and I've slowly but surely been clawing my way out of it- I'm trying to do it of my own free will and ability. But that's taking a good long time. Now that the seasons have changed and the weather outside is super cold it will be a good bit more difficult as well.

I need to set up a schedule for myself. A plan of action! No more just goals written on a piece of paper that I promptly lose after letting it out of my sight. Nope. None of that. I NEED TO MAKE THIS WORK.

'Cause I ain't gettin' any younger!

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Well I've had this DA account for over 5 YEARS and counting and have almost nothing posted up :( I'm sorry DA! I need to hook up my scanner and scan stuff. I hardly do anything digital.

This will probably be filled with random doodles, cosplay, and more random stuff. I really don't think it will be much of interest but so long as at least one person smiles from something I posted I guess that will be enough :)

From today forward I vow to use DA more!
Oh and I'm such a newb at this... please be kind hahaha <3
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